Report: Miami Heat Suspend Dion Waiters for 3rd Time This Season

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As if Dion Waiters’ standing within the Miami Heat organization could get any worse, the troubled guard was suspended once again by the team on Thursday night.

Waiters has yet to play a minute of basketball in the 2019-20 regular season. Now, he’ll have to wait two more weeks to even get an opportunity to do so.

By the looks of it, Waiters’ time with the Heat is all but over.

Waiters’ first suspension this season came when he complained about a lack of playing time in the preseason. He missed the team’s opening game of the season as a result.

The second came when he suffered a seizure after consuming a THC-infused gummy on the team’s plane.

While no specific incident has yet been reported as a cause for this third suspension, that is sure to come to light in the coming days.

It’s unfortunate for Waiters, but clearly the Heat have no other choice when it comes to this sad situation.

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