Miami Heat unveil jaw-dropping ‘ViceVersa’ uniforms for upcoming season

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The Miami Heat have another winner when it comes to their alternate uniforms.

On Tuesday, ESPN exclusively unveiled the newest addition to the Heat’s legacy of incredible jerseys with the “ViceVersa” uniform.

“Heat officials felt something wasn’t quite right,” Zach Lowe wrote. “The colors weren’t popping as dramatically as they had expected. They decided to try black lettering and trim instead of white, ending up with what became their final result — a uniform they are calling ‘ViceVersa,’ and unveiling exclusively at ESPN on Tuesday.”



Without a doubt, these newest additions are sure to be winners with Heat fans. However, Jennifer Alvarez, the team’s vice president for creative and digital marketing, and Michael McCullough, the team’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, both admitted that there was a bit of polarization within the organization regarding aspects of the new fits.

“It was polarizing,” Alvarez said. “We had some people on Team Gradient, and some people who were not on Team Gradient.”

In the end, the team went for it. Clearly, it made the right decision.

“There may be people who say they don’t like it, basura, whatever, and that’s OK,” McCullough said. “We believe in it. We’ve heard people saying it’s time to move on [from ‘Vice’], but we’ll move on when we’re ready.”

Not only are the new uniforms incoming, so too is a new court design to match.


As if there weren’t enough to already be excited about for the upcoming Heat season, these new uniforms tip the scale when it comes to Heat players looking great doing what they do best: playing the game of basketball.

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