Miami Heat News: Dwyane Wade Named to 3rd Team All-Decade Squad by NBA TV

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade’s NBA career is officially in the books, but that doesn’t mean he’s likely to be forgotten anytime soon.

With the second decade of the 21st century coming to a close at the end of this year, decided to provide fans with the First, Second, and Third All-Decade squads.

Wade was named to the Third Team.

It might feel like a disrespectful move to put one of the best shooting guards ever on Third Team All-Decade, but remember that this only marks the 2009-10 season and beyond. Also consider the fact that Kobe Bryant, who many consider to be neck-and-neck with Wade for the second best shooting guard of all time, is also on Third Team All-Decade.

During this time frame, Wade was ninth in the NBA in total points with 13,243. He also helped lead the Heat to two NBA championships during the Big 3 era.

While it will be hard to watch the Heat this season without Wade on the court, there is no doubt that he is still very much in South Florida in spirit.

Who knows, it’s possible that one day he will come back to the organization to take on an executive role in the future. Until then, fans everywhere have countless highlights to watch and rewatch whenever they get the urge to watch one of the best to ever do it.

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