Miami Heat News: Andre Iguodala’s Latest Extension With Heat Contains Addendum

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The Miami Heat’s acquisition of veteran Andre Iguodala on Friday brought excitement to the team and its fans, though there could be financial ramifications attached to the deal since Iguodala has a trade kicker as part of his contract extension.

Iguodala signed a two-year, $30 million contract extension, with the trade kicker meaning that the Heat would have to pay him an additional $1.125 million if they decide to deal him. The second year of the deal is a team option.

The Heat traded for Iguodala, who has yet to take the court this season, primarily because of the playoff experience he brings to the team.

He played in five consecutive NBA Finals for the Golden State Warriors, helping them win three league titles and capturing the Finals MVP award in 2015.

Last season, Iguodala averaged 5.7 points, 3.7 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game, but figures to bring invaluable leadership to the team.

Iguodala was expected to undergo a physical with the Heat within the next few days, though there’s no indication exactly when he’ll be ready to play.

The Heat will continue their road trip against Western Conference foes, with their next outing on Friday night against the Sacramento Kings. It’s possible that the team may wait until after next week’s All-Star break to insert Iguodala into the lineup.

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