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Report: Jae Crowder Expected to Return Wednesday vs. Charlotte Hornets

Jae Crowder Miami Heat Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat forward Jae Crowder’s recovery after being placed in concussion protocol will be brief since he’s expected back with the team in time for its game against Charlotte on Wednesday.

Concerns about Crowder sustaining a concussion came after he was on the receiving end of a hit by the New Orleans Pelicans’ Zion Williamson.

“I had a headache right after the incident happened, a little, a slight headache, not a crazy one,” Crowder said. “But I had a slight headache. My balance was really off.

“I really wanted to get back out there. I went through some tests in the back and I just felt like I still could play, but the doctors helped me out.”

Crowder was held out of Sunday’s game in Washington, which the Heat won 100-89 to improve to 41-23 on the year.

An indication that Crowder’s time in the protocol would be short came when he was able to watch a soccer match on Saturday and undergo a pair of workouts before and after the Heat’s game with the Wizards.

“I was a little bit wobbly a little bit. I was a little wobbly enough for the NBA to put me in the protocol,” Crowder said of the initial symptoms. “I’m taking the steps, and I should be ready Wednesday.”

Assuming that Crowder is ready to go, he and the Heat will be looking to improve on their 27-4 record this season at American Airlines Arena.

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