David Aldridge rips Miami Heat fans who think Tyler Herro-led offer is good trade for Damian Lillard

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The Athletic’s David Aldridge ripped Miami Heat fans who believe that a package surrounding Tyler Herro is a good deal for Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.

Aldridge believes that a Herro package – with draft capital – shouldn’t be enough to get Portland’s best player.

“(Having said that: are you out of your minds, Heat Nation?” Aldridge wrote. “No, Tyler Herro and three first-round picks is not a good deal for Portland for, arguably, the best player in that franchise’s history. Not. I love how fans — and, not a few general managers — argue with a straight face that my team’s third- or fourth-best player with some filler should, somehow, be enough for you to give up your team’s best player. Like, I’ll trade you my ’09 Camaro with shot brakes and three bald spares to you for your ’22 Benz with 253 miles on it. What? Sounds fair!)”

While Aldridge doesn’t think Miami’s potential offer is enough for the Blazers, Portland is in a tough spot in trade negotiations surrounding Lillard.

Lillard reportedly is expected to ask for a trade to the Heat even if Portland deals him elsewhere this offseason. That puts the rest of the NBA in a tough spot, as it wouldn’t make sense to give up a huge package for a player who would be disgruntled with joining any team besides the Heat.

That also lessens Portland’s leverage in negotiations with Miami, as the Heat know they are the only team that the seven-time All-Star guard wants to play for.

So, while Aldridge may be right in saying that a Herro-led package is too little to give up for the Blazers icon, the Heat shouldn’t bid against themselves in negotiations for Lillard. Portland’s biggest leverage is that Lillard is under contract beyond the 2023-24 season.

Lillard, a seven-time All-NBA selection, averaged 32.2 points and 7.3 assists per game while shooting 46.3 percent from the field and 37.1 percent from beyond the arc last season.

He’d be a terrific addition to Miami if the two sides can get a deal done this offseason.

Herro isn’t on Lillard’s level, but he’s still a polished scorer at a young age and has won a Sixth Man of the Year award. For Portland, getting a player back of Herro’s caliber and draft assets could be enticing if it wants to enter a rebuild.

Aldridge seemingly thinks Miami will need to part ways with more to add Lillard to the roster, but only time will tell if the Blazers and Heat can actually get a deal done.

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