Report: Pat Riley ‘desperately’ wants to win another title before retiring

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The Miami Heat have been popping up in rumors revolving around multiple stars across the NBA. The team’s presence in such rumors has indicated a sense of urgency coming from the franchise.

As it turns out, that sense of urgency may be coming from the top down. According to a recent report from “Get Up,” Heat president Pat Riley “desperately” wants to win another title before he calls it a career.

Riley is currently 77 years old.

“Pat Riley is a wizard,” ESPN’s Nick Friedell said while talking about the Heat’s pursuit of superstar Kevin Durant. “He always seems to find a way. And somebody told me at Thomas & Mack Center last night, ‘Pat’s 77 years old. He desperately wants one more title before he retires and gets out of the game.'”

Friedell added that he believes that from a basketball standpoint, Miami is “absolutely” the best fit for Durant.

“Kevin is that dynamic scorer that Jimmy Butler needs next to him to get the Heat over the hump,” he said.

Without a doubt, Durant joining the Heat would give a major boost to the team’s chances of winning a title. Of course, the Heat would surely have to part ways with some valuable players and picks in order to land Durant, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where a team lands the 12-time All-Star and ends up being considered the loser of the deal.

Still, as Heat fans know quite well, just because there are rumors that the Heat are trying to make a deal work does not mean that a deal will get done. The Nets appear to have an incredibly high asking price for Durant, and it remains to be seen if Miami can satisfy what Brooklyn wants.

With the offseason rolling on, it will be interesting to see how Riley’s desperation to win manifests itself.

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