Report: Miami Heat Nearly Acquired Ricky Rubio and Jae Crowder at Trade Deadline

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The Miami Heat have made it abundantly clear over the last couple seasons that they are ready and willing to deal players on their current roster. According to Monday report, they were almost part of a big trade deadline deal that would have sent point guard Goran Dragic to the Utah Jazz.

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Ricky Rubio would have been a great addition to the Heat as a pass-first point guard who would’ve been able to fully spread the ball around Miami’s many scorers.

Crowder would have also been a useful and versatile piece as he is known for great defense as well as his ability to stretch the floor.

That’s all moot at the moment, but it could become a topic of conversation once the offseason begins.

Dragic is expect to opt in to his final year with the Heat this summer, but his then-expiring contract would become quite the trade asset. As for Rubio, a report over the weekend indicated that the Jazz are not wholly intent on keeping him around despite his strong season in Salt Lake City.

It will be interesting to see if the Jazz and Heat pick up where they left off this offseason, or if both sides have changed their goals for their 2019-20 rosters.
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