Report: Miami Heat’s ability to trade for star like Bradley Beal may hinge on Kelly Olynyk

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While the Miami Heat would like to make a blockbuster acquisition during the offseason, their opportunity to do that could depend on whether veteran power forward Kelly Olynyk opts in for the final year of his contract.

Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel looked at how Olynyk may end up in a different uniform even if he does opt in, while fellow vet Andre Iguodala may also be included in any potential deal.

“Should Olynyk opt in, his 2020-21 salary then would become available to be utilized in a trade,” Winderman wrote. “Paired with the $15 million the Heat owe Andre Iguodala for next season, those two salaries, when combined in a trade, would leave the Heat positioned to deal for a player earning as much as $35 million in 2020-21.

“While there are trade kickers that would factor in for both players, and while a trade partner, with the exception of one looking for a salary dump, assuredly would want additional assets, the combined Olynyk and Iguodala salaries would represent a starting point for a large-scale move.”

If the Heat do end up trading Olynyk and Iguodala, a possible acquisition target is Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal, who’s set to make $28.7 million next season and is someone that the Heat have previously looked at during trade discussions.

Any team that trades for Olynyk and Iguodala would likely be looking to reduce its salary cap beyond next year. That’s because Olynyk would be a free agent after next season and the final year of Iguodala’s contract isn’t guaranteed.

During the Heat’s effort to acquire Jimmy Butler last year, Olynyk nearly was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, so being the subject of trade talks is nothing new.

“I mean, on that night I thought I was going to Dallas. I thought it was over,” he said during an interview with the Sun Sentinel. “Not over, but I thought it was done, that it was a done deal. Like when I heard, people were calling me, I thought it was done.

“Then it unraveled or got revoked. I’m not sure how it went down, but I stayed in Miami.”

Dates for the NBA’s offseason deadlines have drastically changed due to the season not ending until this month. Through all these discussions, it’s clear that Olynyk is prepared for whatever takes place with his immediate future.

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