Report: Miami Heat prioritizing Serge Ibaka and Kevin Love over Russell Westbrook

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The Miami Heat have already been linked to a number of talented veterans that are either currently free agents or expected to become free agents soon by way of the buyout market.

It looks like Kevin Love and Serge Ibaka are the team’s priorities over guards Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley at the moment.

Ibaka, Love and Westbrook have all been linked to the Heat in recent days, and the fact that the Heat seem particularly interested in Ibaka and Love might be an indication that the front office feels the frontcourt needs more work than the backcourt.

Bam Adebayo, who is arguably the Heat’s best player, plays in the frontcourt, but he has not gotten a lot of help so far this season. Both Love and Ibaka are fairly versatile players and can score from different areas of the floor.

Ibaka is a career 35.9 percent shooter from the 3-point line and Love is a career 37.2 percent shooter from beyond the arc.

Both players have been on ice for a fair amount of the season. Ibaka has played in just 16 games, and Love was removed from the Cavs’ rotation recently. The positive news there is that it is quite likely that both Love and Ibaka would be coming in pretty fresh if the Heat were to add either of them.

Miami is still fighting for its playoff life. The team is just 5-5 over its last 10 games and currently dealing with a two-game losing streak. The Heat are at the No. 7 seed right now, and they would have to earn a playoff berth by way of the play-in tournament if the season ended today.

They’re a half-game back from the New York Knicks in sixth place.

Luckily for the Heat, the regular season does not end until April. Following the All-Star break, the Heat’s season will resume on Feb. 24 with a game against the dominant Milwaukee Bucks.

It will be interesting to see if the Heat have a new addition to their roster by the time that game comes around.

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