Report: Miami Heat insider breaks down how team could land James Harden'
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The Miami Heat are always on the hunt for stars. For that reason, it makes sense that they are linked to disgruntled Houston Rockets superstar James Harden.

However, acquiring Harden could prove to be tricky for the Heat.

Heat insider Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel discussed a possible scenario in which Miami could land the former MVP via trade.

“Only it’s not that easy, even if Harden continues down this current path and attempts to strongarm a trade from the Rockets,” wrote Winderman when asked about Harden coming to Miami. “If the Heat were to entertain the notion of trading, there still would be the matter of enticing the Rockets and putting together the matching salaries. Harden is at $41.3 million this season, $44.3 million next season, with a player option of $47.4 million for 2022-23. So, yes, the Heat could start with something along the lines of the 2020-21 expiring salaries of Kelly Olynyk and Andre Iguodala, plus Tyler Herro, and then filler, for Houston to get off the rest of Harden’s money. But is that enough for Houston? And for the Heat, who have to be mindful of the hard cap this season, it would lock in their salary book for years to come. Plus, would Harden-Jimmy Butler be a match? And would Harden’s ball-centric approach dissolve Bam Adebayo’s uniqueness as a facilitator? There is a lot to assess when it comes to a Harden trade, even beyond what would be sent out. This is a precarious position for both Harden and potential suitors. Or he just goes to Brooklyn.”

A decade ago, the Heat created a superteam by acquiring LeBron James and Chris Bosh and teaming them up with homegrown star Dwyane Wade. That resulted in two championships for the proud franchise.

Miami would certainly have another Big 3 with Harden, Butler and Adebayo if it could pull off a trade.

However, such a move would also leave the team with less roster depth and little roster flexibility. It is also unsure if there is mutual interest between Harden and the Heat.

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