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Report: Miami Heat have been ‘concerned now for months’ about Tyler Herro’s celebrity status

Tyler Herro

Miami Heat second-year guard Tyler Herro has struggled mightily recently.

In fact, over the past four games, Herro has only logged one double-digit scoring effort. He scored 10 points in that game.

In a recent episode of the “Inside the Paint” podcast, hosts Ethan Skolnick and Ira Winderman revealed that the Heat have been concerned about Herro’s growing celebrity status as of late.

“Tyler Herro chose to become a celebrity,” Winderman said. “He chose to become something outside the game, as is his right. With his breakfast cereal, and his Tyler Tuesdays, and his Chipotle Bowl and that’s all well and good. But you know what? Other players when they see a player doing that before they’ve truly reached it. I don’t know if I want to say there’s a jealousy. … They sort of take a scant view of the guy and say, ‘Wait a minute buddy. You haven’t done anything yet.'”

Skolnick then dropped the bomb that the Heat organization has been concerned about Herro for quite some time.

“Ultimately, the team starts to get a certain level of concern,” he said. “In this particular case, the team has been concerned now for months.”

Given the concern, it seems possible that the team is asking questions about how Herro’s stardom could be impacting his work ethic and performance on the court.

Only time will tell if Herro is able to refocus and regain the success that he has enjoyed through much of his young NBA career.

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