Report: BangBros Plans to Increase $10M Offer, Willing to Overpay to Make Miami Heat Arena Name Change Happen

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Earlier this week, it was reported that famed pornographic film studio BangBros had issued an offer to gain the naming rights over what is currently known as AmericanAirlines Arena.

While it seemed like nothing more than just a possible marketing ploy at first, it seems the brand is quite serious about becoming the new home for the Miami Heat. In fact, per a recent report, the studio is willing to overpay on their initial $10 million bid to get the deal done.

To express how serious the it is, Cullen McRae of BangBros reiterated that the company is willing to sit down with Cleveland’s Superlative Group, Mayor Carlos Gimenez, and the City of Miami to find a way to come to terms on the sponsorship deal. The company is seeking to grow its brand beyond the porn industry.

When it was first reported that AmericanAirlines Arena would not be renewing its bid on the arena, it was also reported that a nationally known company was in advanced talks for the naming rights.

It is unclear whether or not BangBros is that nationally known company, but it seems that it is taking its proposal quite seriously.

Whether or not the Heat organization met it with a similar seriousness remains unclear.

Though it might be hard to imagine this deal actually going through, at some point the money might be too good to pass up.

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