NBA Rumors: Players and Owners Want to Salvage 2019-20 Season ‘No Matter What’

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Almost two weeks after the NBA suspended play due to the novel coronavirus, the league is continuing to weigh its options regarding how to resume play.

Although canceling the season altogether is a real possibility, players and owners want to resume play in any way possible.

“Well, I think there’s a general sense among owners and among players that, no matter what, they want to salvage the season,” said Ramona Shelburne of ESPN. “If that’s in July, if that’s in August, if that’s in September, so be it. I don’t think anybody wants to start a new season without crowning a champion from this season, but I think we’re all learning that you can’t predict this thing, and anybody who tells you they know what’s going to happen in a month or two months is lying to you right now because that’s what the league is grappling with, just like all of us.”

The NBA first went on a hiatus on March 11. Earlier that day, a conference call was held to discuss how to move forward given that the novel coronavirus had been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Owners seemed largely against stopping play, and continuing games with no fans seemed to be the preferred option.

But moments after the Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert tested positive for the virus, commissioner Adam Silver quickly announced the hiatus.

The good news for NBA fans who are feeling withdrawal pangs is that the almighty dollar reigns supreme and will push the league towards a resumption if it’s possible at all.

For now, practice facilities have been ordered by the league office to remain closed.

If and when the 2019-20 season continues, the NBA will have to find a way to get players back in game shape before actual games start again.

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