Miami Heat Rumors: LeBron James Annoyed With Frugal Micky Arison

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The number one rule in keeping your superstar players on board is this: treat them like royalty. Do whatever it takes to keep a strong group of complementary players around them and fork out as much cash as you can. Because after all, superstar players are the ones who bring your team the most revenue.

Well, looks like Micky Arison, owner of the Miami Heat, has broken and has been breaking this cardinal rule for the past three years. Apparently, Arison has been for lack of a better word “cheap” when it comes to spending money on LeBron James and the Heat.

It worked in 2010, but this time, LeBron isn’t having any of it. James has reportedly REFUSED to take a paycut in order to appease Arison and his hefty luxury tax.

Most of the moves that Miami made last year was so Arison could keep more money in his pocket at the expense of the team. Examples include the Mike Miller amnesty, failure to use a mid-level exception to sign a key role player, and the dumping of Joel Anthony’s contract.

James has publicly stated that he’s had enough and will not stick around unless Arison is willing to pay LeBron the money that he is so rightfully deserved along with the signing of key complementary pieces.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN said this in regards to the fiasco, “A victory for the Heat at this stage likely means getting James to commit for one more season. Again, this is not ideal. When that infamous ‘not five, not six …’ speech was delivered, James was under the impression that he would be staying in Miami for a second long-term contract. Despite a strong and historic run, James isn’t ready to commit to that given the current state of the team. The Heat are the favorites; this is not in question. But there is a window of doubt due to the way the season ended, Wade’s health and some bitterness James harbors that Micky Arison put the brakes on spending over the past year.

“That is why his most likely path is to opt out of his contract after the draft so that he will maximize his flexibility while putting teams on the clock.

“This would force the Heat to take action on the free-agent market to improve the roster and, essentially, spend money even though they are facing significant luxury-tax penalties. It would also buy time for James to meet with other teams and examine plans and for rival teams to make trades or signings to potentially make them more attractive. Some deals are more likely to happen in July rather than in late June.”

In addition, it appears that Pat Riley had some words of his own on the topic at hand.

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