Report: Miami Heat Insider Reveals Latest on Bradley Beal to Heat Rumors

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Much of the last week or so has been dedicated towards rumors regarding the Miami Heat and their possible interest in star point guard Chris Paul.

Per a Wednesday report, however, it now seems rather unlikely that a deal is made this offseason.

With that being established, it now seems as though the Heat will retrace their steps from earlier this offseason and see if the Washington Wizards are perhaps more willing to budge on a deal for star guard Bradley Beal.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Heat could be “re-engaging” with the Wizards if Beal rejects the three-year, $111 million extension he is eligible to sign later this month.

Signing Beal would be a massive victory for the Heat and would likely put their offseason moves amongst the best in the NBA.

That being said, it is currently unclear what would get the Wizards to greenlight a deal. Likely, a member or two of Miami’s young core, as well as a potential willingness to take on point guard John Wall’s massive contract, would be required to get a deal done.

Even if no deal gets done in the coming weeks, this will likely be a topic of conversation until the 2019-20 trade deadline. That is, unless Beal opts to sign that extension, signaling that he is interested in making Washington his home for the foreseeable future.

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