Report: Miami Heat Showing Interest in Power Forward Kevin Love

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The Miami Heat’s huge offseason shows no signs of slowing down, with one new report indicating that the Heat are looking at a potential acquisition of Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love.

Love, who turns 31 in September, is set to begin the first season of a four-year contract extension that will pay him $120 million over that time period. He signed the deal last year, but then was limited to just 22 games this past season due to injury.

While rumors of Love possibly being traded have been commonplace since he joined the Cavaliers in 2014, his new contract was expected to tamper down such speculation. However, with the Cavs currently in rebuilding mode, they might have some interest in dealing the veteran away if they’re able to acquire some young talent or future draft picks in exchange.

Dealing for Love could potentially allow the Heat to also get rid of some of their remaining burdensome contracts. Matching Love’s salary by sending away players such as James Johnson and Dion Waiters, who began his career with the Cavs, could be a consideration.

The Heat already have Jimmy Butler, with the potential addition of Love giving them an experienced veteran who can deliver a double-double in every game. One drawback with Love is his lengthy injury history, though the Heat apparently aren’t deterred by that issue.

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Brad Sullivan is a freelance writer for, having been an avid fan of NBA basketball for more than four decades. During that time, he's watched the Heat evolve from gestation period to expansion team all the way to three-time NBA champions. He'll follow their quest toward again reaching those lofty heights, and do so by offering some perspective along the way.