Report: Dwyane Wade and Erik Spoelstra Discussing Potential Trip to Philippines

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With former Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade now retired, he has plenty of time to pursue anything he wants.

Early Wednesday morning, he indicated on social media that he and his former coach Erik Spoelstra may be taking a trip to the Philippines at some point in the future.

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Wade’s popularity across the NBA was clearly evident this past season, with opposing teams and fans offering tributes and cheers as he closed out his career. Internationally, Wade has also made his mark, most notably in China, where he was reportedly offered a lucrative deal to play last season.

However, it’s clear that Wade’s fans in the Philippines are passionate about having him visit. Nearly two years ago, another fan from there begged him to come, using the country’s vacation lands as an enticement.

At that time, Wade promised to come, though scheduling that was largely tied to his continuing career prevented that from becoming a reality.

While Wade likely has an open calendar, Spoelstra doesn’t have that luxury. That means that any trip during this offseason would likely not take place until late July or early August.

The NBA draft and free agency period will keep Spoelstra busy prior to that period, with September serving as a preparation period for what will be the mentor’s 12th season as the Heat’s head coach.
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