Zaire Wade Sends Beautiful Message to Zaya Amidst Gender Change

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Earlier this week, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade announced that his 12-year-old transgender son would be going by the name Zaya from here on out.

The elder Wade and his entire family have been completely supportive of the young child ever since he announced his new identity.

That fact was mirrored by an emotional Instagram post from Zaire Wade, who is of course the Heat legend’s eldest child.

The 18-year-old’s message is quite poignant and just another sign that Dwyane Wade has served as an exemplary father through the years.

His message is also a fantastic example of how familial love can overcome any obstacle, and how acceptance always trumps rejection.

Not only has Dwyane Wade and his son expressed their love and acceptance for Zaya, so too has Gabrielle Union.

Without a doubt, the entire Wade family is unified in their support.

It will be exciting to see what the future holds for all of the Wade children.

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