Udonis Haslem Recounts Starving as Child and Eating Box of Raisins for Dinner

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The current coronavirus pandemic is causing Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem to reflect on bitter childhood memories that included simply trying to survive due to a lack of food.

Haslem’s article in The Players’ Tribune focused on the irresponsible individuals who have populated beaches across Florida despite the contagious nature of the virus.

He pointed out how the problem of childhood hunger has been exacerbated by the crisis and recounted a harrowing story from his childhood.

“I’ll tell you a true story,” Haslem wrote. “Any time I see a bowl of raisins? Mannnnnnnn. Listen. To this very day, if I see raisins, it’s like I get triggered. I mean it — if I saw a bowl of them on the table right now, I might go apeshit. I might damn near flip the table over. Can’t see ’em, bro. Can’t smell ’em. Makes me sick.

“It’s because when I was growing up, we had too many nights where the only thing we had for dinner were those little red boxes of raisins. Nothing else, no lie. That was the main motherf***ing course. Man … you know that smell I’m talking about? The smell of that California Raisin–ass cardboard? You’d be sitting there thinking, ‘Alright, it’s only about 15 hours till I get to school tomorrow so I can get some fish sticks.'”

The crux of Haslem’s argument was for everyone to follow the public health directives being issued, which largely focus on either the concept of social distancing or simply staying inside.

At present, there’s no timeline as to when the crisis will end, though the state of Florida has not directed the closures of beaches within the state.

Haslem’s hope is that his words will get through to people who might otherwise ignore such requests.

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