Russell Westbrook’s Former Teammate: ‘I See Him in a Miami Heat Jersey’

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The rumors surrounding Russell Westbrook and the Miami Heat seem to indicate that the former MVP will be heading to South Florida in the near future.

With fans waiting on bated breath to see if the Heat manage to acquire yet another star player this offseason, Westbrook’s former teammate Kendrick Perkins thinks the pairing would be a great fit.

Perkins, a former member of the Oklahoma City Thunder now works as a commentator for ESPN.

“I talked to him, and I think I see him in a Miami Heat jersey,” Perkins recently said. “That’s where I think he fits best.”

Of course, there are some concerns regarding the potential pairing of Westbrook and current Heat star Jimmy Butler. For one, both players are known to be outspoken and highly competitive. While that similarity could create a fantastic locker room bond, it could also spell trouble if Miami faces adversity down the road.

Similarly, neither Butler nor Westbrook are highly efficient from the three-point line. With recent NBA seasons proving that success from beyond the arc is crucial when it comes to deep playoff runs, there are some concerns regarding the ceiling of a team led by the two star players.

In the end, what Butler and Westbrook have been most committed to throughout their careers is winning. If the Heat do indeed manage to bring Westbrook to Miami, chances are good there will be quite a lot of winning in the seasons to come.

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