Paul Pierce shares which former Boston Celtics star could potentially mend feud with Ray Allen

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Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce recently sat down with Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated and offered some insight into the ongoing feud that several former Celtics players have with Miami Heat legend Ray Allen.

Allen, of course, was a member of the Celtics before he joined the Heat.

In 2007, former Celtics star Kevin Garnett reportedly asked Doc Rivers, Pierce and Allen how many titles they thought they could all win together. Rivers responded that they could win at least two, something that didn’t occur before Allen left to sign with the Heat in 2012.

Pierce explained which former Celtic he believed is softening in regards to the feud with Allen.

“KG, he’s less stubborn as he gets older,” Pierce told Mannix.

Pierce, however, was not able to say the same thing for Rajon Rondo.

“That’s a problem,” said Pierce. “Rondo, he’s still stubborn.”

The Heat and Celtics were big rivals at the time of Allen’s signing with Miami. The move caused a major stir and marked the end of Boston’s run with its core of Pierce, Garnett, Rondo and Allen.

As Heat fans know, Allen’s stint with Miami was a smashing success. Although the sharpshooter’s best years were behind him, he was a key part of the Heat’s NBA title run in the 2012-13 season.

Allen ultimately spent two seasons with Miami before calling it quits on his playing career.

The Celtics were able to win one championship with their iconic core. The title came in the 2007-08 season. Although winning any number of championships is a massive accomplishment, many folks felt that Boston should have won multiple titles with the talent the team had at the time.

Miami ended up dominating much of the era and likely prevented the Celtics from winning more than one title.

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