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Oddsmakers Indicate There’s Chance Pat Riley Becomes New York Knicks Head Coach

Miami Heat Pat Riley

The New York Knicks seem ready to get the search on for their next head coach.

One odds website is giving the Knicks a chance to land Miami Heat president Pat Riley as a potential head coach.

Riley, 75, is one of the most decorated and respected generals in NBA history.

In his first head-coaching stint with the Los Angeles Lakers, Riley captured four championships with the franchise in the 1980s.

Before coming to Miami, he actually coached the Knicks from 1991 to 1995. In each of his four seasons in New York, he led the Knicks to the playoffs.

As a matter of fact, Riley led the Knicks to the NBA Finals in 1994. However, they lost to the Houston Rockets in seven games during the 1994 NBA Finals.

While he wasn’t able to win a championship in New York, he brought the winning attitude to Miami.

Although it took over a decade since his arrival in Miami in 1995, Riley served as the head coach on the Heat’s championship team in 2006.

Surely, the present-day Knicks could use a little bit of Riley’s golden touch. After all, the Knicks have been the laughing stock of the NBA for the last few years.

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