Tyler Herro opens up on his shooting struggles vs. Bucks: ‘There haven’t been many [open shots]’

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Tyler Herro is in a shooting slump with the Miami Heat on the verge of seeing their season end, but the second-year guard indicated that a lack of open shots has been his main problem.

Herro spoke about the fact that he’s connected on just 7-of-25 (28.0 percent) from the field during the postseason, compared to his regular season average of 43.9 percent.

“There haven’t been many [open shots] and when there is, you [say to yourself], ‘You have to make it’ if it’s the first open shot,” Herro said. “Everyone is trying to get an open shot and it hasn’t been easy. They are doing a really good job of taking us out of our comfort zone.”

Of course, Herro’s shooting is far from the only problem the Heat have had during the first three games of their series against the Bucks.

Herro hinted that one way to attack the defense the Bucks are using is through better ball movement, but that plan had better be implemented as soon as Saturday’s Game 4.

After getting blown out in Game 2, the Heat’s slow start on Thursday night proved to be fatal to their hopes of getting back into contention in the series.

Now, instead of being in position to even the series, the Heat have to simply win in order to avoid the humiliation of a sweep. That’s on top of the monumental task of trying to win four games in a row to get to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Herro had plenty of success during his first postseason last year, but needs to address his current issues until it’s too late.

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