Meyers Leonard 'Absolutely' Excited to Play With 'Damn Good Player' in Jimmy Butler - Heat Nation

Meyers Leonard ‘Absolutely’ Excited to Play With ‘Damn Good Player’ in Jimmy Butler

Meyers Leonard and Jimmy Butler

Meyers Leonard, one of the newest additions to the Miami Heat this offseason, is looking forward to playing with one of the other new additions to the team.

Leonard took to social media to express his excitement at the acquisition of Jimmy Butler, a four-time NBA All-Star and All-Defensive Team selection.

Meyers Leonard Miami Heat

Leonard has played seven years in the NBA, all with the Portland Trail Blazers. As a backup center and power forward, he has averaged 5.6 points and 3.7 rebounds a game in 15.5 minutes throughout his career.

He is also a solid three-point shooter, with a lifetime accuracy of 38.5 percent from behind the arc, including 45.0 percent in 2018-19 on 1.8 attempts per game.

His presence will help bolster the depth of the Heat, especially after the departure of Hassan Whiteside. Leonard, who was the 11th overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, will likely play behind Bam Adebayo, who is expected to start at center.

Having played in the playoffs five of the last six seasons, including last season’s Western Conference Finals, Leonard can also supply some much-needed veteran experience to a relatively young Heat team.

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