Meyers Leonard Annihilates Skip Bayless for Insensitive Comments About Dak Prescott

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Fox Sports 1 commentator Skip Bayless is considered by many to be a troll, and on Thursday, some felt he went too far.

Bayless criticized Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott for publicly discussing his mental health issues following the apparent suicide of his brother.

The Miami Heat’s Meyers Leonard chastised the longtime commentator for his comments.

“You’re commanding a lot of young men and some older men, and they’re all looking to you to be their CEO, to be in charge of the football team,” said Bayless. “Because of all that, I don’t have sympathy for him going public with, ‘I got depressed. I suffered depression early in COVID to the point that I couldn’t even go work out.’ Look, he’s the quarterback of America’s team, and you know and I know, this sport that you play, it is dog eat dog. It is no compassion, no quarter given on the football field. If you reveal publicly any little weakness, it can affect your team’s ability to believe in you in the toughest spot.”

In the past, it was considered taboo for pro athletes, especially football players, to publicly talk about their personal battles with mental and emotional illnesses.

However, in recent years, more and more athletes, including the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love, have opened up about battling mental illness.

In addition, former Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace has done work off the court to help attack the stigma that affects individuals who have been diagnosed with mental disorders.

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