Max Strus pinpoints how Miami Heat can fix 3-point shooting issues and make things ‘click’

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Though the Miami Heat are currently enjoying a four-game winning streak, there are still some notable concerns about the roster. For instance, many players, including Max Strus, have regressed from beyond the arc.

Last season, he hit 41.0 percent of his 3-point shots. That level of success ultimately made him a crucial part of the team’s rotation and earned him 18 starts in 18 playoff appearances.

Unfortunately, this season has not offered a replication of that success. Through 29 games, Strus is hitting just 33.5 percent of his deep shots and 40.9 percent of his shots from the field.

That kind of dip can be seen in multiple Heat players this season. Last season, the Heat had the best 3-point percentage in the entire NBA, hitting 37.9 percent of their deep shots.

In the playoffs, that success took a massive dive, as the Heat hit just 31.3 percent of their 3s.

So far this season, the Heat have landed somewhere in between those two percentages, hitting 34.3 percent of their deep shots.

Recently, Strus discussed what he thinks needs to take place so that he and the rest of the Heat roster can fix the current shooting issues and start clicking offensively.

“It’s just how we’re getting the shots that we get,” Strus said while trying to explain the Heat’s shooting issues. “That’s the important thing for us and how we play. It’s just we got to get more that are within the flow and rhythm of the offense instead of forced three-pointers and ones that are coming off ball screens at the end of the clock. I think if we come together more and have a better rhythm and flow offensively, I think it will all click.”

While the issues certainly still exist, there have been some promising indications of improvement as of late. Most notably, youngster Tyler Herro has been a man on fire recently. In his last seven games, he’s hit 51.5 percent of his deep balls.

He seems to be ascending to the next level in front of fans’ eyes at the moment.

Caleb Martin has also been shooting the ball quite well this season. He’s hitting 39.6 percent of his 3s, and that number could soon rise.

Another recent bright spot has been the shooting of Duncan Robinson. He has tumbled greatly since his previous peak, but there have been signs that he may be getting his stroke back. He hit 50.0 percent of his 3-point shots in two of the Heat’s last three games.

Overall, it’s a good sign that the Heat are still looking to improve their issues despite their current winning streak. That should only lead to more success now and further down the road.

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