Kyle Lowry reveals he asked Goran Dragic if he could wear No. 7 jersey with Miami Heat out of ‘straight respect’

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Miami Heat newcomer Kyle Lowry recently revealed that he asked former Heat All-Star Goran Dragic for permission to wear No. 7 with Miami.

Dragic, of course, wore No. 7 during his entire stint with the Heat.

“Goran’s been a friend of mine for a long, long time now,” Lowry said. “And me and him have always been great competitive players against the other, and we always cheered for each other. It’s just out of straight respect for a guy that I’ve been knowing now for 10 years, 11 years now.

“And I just feel what he did here for this organization, and for me it’s just calling a friend and saying, ‘Listen, no disrespect. If that’s cool with you. No other number means anything to me but seven.’ So basically that.”

It’s a great sign of respect from Lowry, and it’s clear that he admires the player that Dragic is.

Dragic’s stint with the Heat came to an end when he was included in the trade that brought Lowry to Miami.

Dragic accomplished a lot during his time with the Heat. He made an All-Star team and posted averages of 16.2 points, 3.6 rebounds and 5.2 assists per game.

Lowry, on the other hand, figures to make a major impact with Miami. Many fans were sad to see Dragic go, but most folks would agree that the Heat improved by adding Lowry.

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