Jimmy Butler speaks on getting the chance to have his BigFace coffee brand at the Miami Open

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Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler is, of course, best known for his exploits on the basketball court.

However, he has many different pursuits off the court as well. Perhaps his most well-known pursuit has to do with his blossoming BigFace coffee brand.

The company first got off the ground during the Heat’s improbable run to the 2020 NBA Finals inside the league’s Orlando, Fla. bubble. He made news for selling cups of coffee for $20 a pop.

When Butler left the bubble and the Heat’s season came to an end, he got serious. He started truly studying coffee so that he could take a serious stab at his own business. That dream is starting to become a reality.

Now, his coffee is being heavily featured at the Miami Open. Butler posted a video on Instagram regarding what BigFace’s setup looks like.


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He sees a pretty clear reason why BigFace coffee could be a hit at the tournament.

“I think when it’s coming from one professional athlete to another and they see me constantly drinking BigFace coffee, they know I wouldn’t put any B.S. in my body,” Butler said in an interview with the Associated Press. “And I know everybody’s so cognizant of what they put in their body as a professional athlete in whatever sport. I just want to help put the best in front of you and you take it and run with it if you choose.”

Without a doubt, Butler is more focused on basketball and trying to bring a title to South Florida this season. With that in mind, it’s pretty amazing to see that he can do all that while also letting his entrepreneurial spirit take flight.

So far this season, Butler has averaged 21.3 points, 6.0 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game for the Heat, who currently sit in first place in the Eastern Conference.

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