LOOK: Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Jerseys Are Already Being Sold

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The story of Jimmy Butler and the Minnesota Timberwolves’ trade talks have littered the news cycle throughout recent weeks and more information will leak out as the season approaches.

In the midst of reports of interest from multiple teams, Miami Heat jerseys with Butler’s name on them have surfaced.

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After multiple conversations failed to amount to a deal between the Heat and the Timberwolves, discussions have softened. But they haven’t stopped entirely. There is still a good chance Butler could be on the move, as he absolutely wants out.

The appearance of the jersey is surprising to say the least. The jersey in question even has 22 listed as his number. The 29-year-old veteran wore No. 21 while playing for the Chicago Bulls and No. 23 in Minnesota, with the latter having been preferred, yet unavailable in Chicago. If the All-Star were to be moved to South Beach, he wouldn’t have access to No. 21 as Hassan Whiteside already reps it.

The existence of this Heat jersey could become a bad omen for Heat fans, however, as trade talks have yet to produce anything solid. The Timberwolves and Heat can’t seem to agree on the right pieces in any potential deal.

Rest assured Heat fans will pull out their cards to purchase the jersey as it could be valuable in the future, even if no move happens. Not many fans can say they have a jersey of a player who never played for their team.
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