Jimmy Butler and Selena Gomez send Twitter into frenzy after rumors of being seen together

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Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler and singer-actress Selena Gomez were reportedly seen together, a rumor that subsequently lit up Twitter with debates about the accuracy of the information.

The gossip concerning Butler and Gomez began on Friday night with a tweet claiming that the duo had been seen together. When challenged about the validity of the sighting on Sunday, the individual making the claim continued to insist that the information was accurate.

Subsequent responses to the original tweet continued to call into question whether the rumor was true, with some offering humorous takes, while others demanded photos as proof.



Butler and model Kaitlin Nowak became the parents of a girl in October 2019, though the status of their current relationship is uncertain.

The private lives of athletes have often been a source of interest to some fans, especially when there’s a connection to a celebrity entertainer. However, until Butler or Gomez chooses to discuss the alleged relationship or an actual photograph emerges, the current information only qualifies as gossip.

Butler hasn’t had much time to do anything else other than play basketball, helping lead the Heat to their first NBA Finals appearance in six years.

With the 2020-21 season set to get underway in just over a month, Butler’s intense focus on playing basketball is likely to veer away from furthering any relationship, whether it’s with Gomez or someone else.

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