Jae Crowder Salutes Kyle Korver for Standing Up for Black Teammates - Heat Nation

Jae Crowder Salutes Kyle Korver for Standing Up for Black Teammates

Jae Crowder Miami Heat

Milwaukee Bucks veteran Kyle Korver recently declared that he will support his black teammates if they decide not to play at the NBA’s 2019-20 resumption site.

Miami Heat forward Jae Crowder saluted the sharpshooter on his Instagram Story for the courageous claim.

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Korver, 39, joined the Bucks last summer in order to finally win a title.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic pausing the 2019-20 season in March, the Bucks looked like they were in ideal shape to capture the championship. The Bucks, led by superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, have the best record in the league.

Several players, including Korver’s former teammate, Kyrie Irving, are hesitant about returning to action due to racial tensions and virus concerns.

After all, numerous players in the league contracted the contagious virus.

Korver and Crowder have played together a couple of times over the course of their careers. As a matter of fact, they competed alongside each other on the Utah Jazz last season.

Now, both journeyman are on Eastern Conference contenders and could very well meet in the postseason.

The regular season is expected to resume on July 30 in Orlando, Fla.

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