Here’s What the Miami Heat Could Offer to Trade for Russell Westbrook'
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When Paul George was reportedly traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Los Angeles Clippers last night, the countdown to Russell Westbrook’s departure may have started inadvertently.

Is there a chance that the Miami Heat could swoop in and snatch Westbrook from the Thunder now that they are almost at the rebuilding stage?

The Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman suggested that the Heat could offer Justise Winslow, Bam Adebayo, Tyler Herro, Goran Dragic, and a couple of first-round picks in exchange for the mega superstar.

For the past three seasons, Westbrook has been a statistical wonder, averaging a triple-double in each of those seasons with a combined average of 26.8 points, 10.6 rebounds and 10.4 assists in 234 games.

Westbrook is still under contract for the next four seasons. The former MVP is scheduled to receive $38.5 million for the 2019-20 season, so the combination of Dragic ($19.2 million), Winslow ($13 million) Adebayo ($3.5 million) and Herro ($3 million) would be necessary salary-wise to make the deal work. A double-protected first-round pick or pick swaps could be sweeteners to help entice the Thunder.

Assuming both sides pull the trigger, Westbrook could form a dynamic duo with Jimmy Butler beginning next season. The two All-Stars could be the foundation of a solid nucleus from which Heat president Pat Riley and general manager Andy Elisburg could build around.

Westbrook might possibly be the other superstar player that Miami needs to jump-start its goal of becoming a more competitive team next season. Stay tuned, Heat Nation.

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