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Here’s What Jimmy Butler Loves About His New Miami Heat Teammates

Jimmy Butler

Although Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler has yet to play in an official game with his new team, he has already fallen in love with some of the teammates he’s going to share the floor with.

During Butler’s introductory presser on Friday, the veteran shared some of his early thoughts on his new teammates.

When discussing Justise Winslow’s controversial position, Butler had a ton to bring to the conversation.

“What is a point guard nowadays?” Butler asked. “Anybody can bring the ball up the court and initiate offense. I think we have so many guys that can be a ‘point guard’ because they can make other guys [better]. It’s just making everybody happy, making everybody OK with their role. I like Justise in that position. He’s smart. He’s aggressive. He can guard. He can switch with anybody. He damn sure doesn’t back down from anybody.”

Winslow, 23, is coming off a career year and is expected to build on it this upcoming season. The forward, who has expressed interest in wanting to play point guard, averaged 12.6 points, 5.4 rebounds and 4.3 assists per game last season.

Another youngster who is expected to have a bigger role this year is center Bam Adebayo. With big man Hassan Whiteside no longer on the Heat, Adebayo has the starting center position all to himself.

When asked what he likes about Adeabyo, Butler mentioned he likes “just how hard he plays, the motor, how personable he is, always talking.”

While Butler headlined the Heat’s offseason acquisition list, he surely wasn’t the only bright light. Rookie guard Tyler Herro surprised everyone during Summer League with his sharpshooting abilities and impressive playmaking skills.

“Tyler, man, that kid has some [expletive] to him,” Butler proudly exclaimed. “He always has something to say and I respect it because that shows me he’s got that fight. He’s not backing down from anybody whether you’re on his team in practice or against him.”

In addition, the Heat’s other sharpshooter, Duncan Robinson, made sure to impress Butler with his range from downtown.

“I saw the other day Duncan can shoot the hell out of the ball,” the superstar said. “Incredible shooter. Being around him, you’d think that he was quiet but he’s not. He’s yapping as well, which I like.”

While this entire group has yet to play on the floor together, there’s already a phenomenal bond and appreciation across the board. Butler may be the spark and star power this Heat team needs to maximize their youngsters and go far in the postseason.

During his eight-year career in the NBA, Butler has averaged 16.7 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.6 steals per game. The journeyman has led multiple franchises to the playoffs over the course of his career and has obviously earned the respect of his new teammates.

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