Famous Instagram Model Asks Tyler Herro to ‘Quarantine n Chill’ Amid NBA’s Suspension

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The current suspension of league play for the NBA has left many of its players incredibly bored.

All over social media, players have asked fans how they should bide their newfound free time. As for Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro, he seems to know exactly what he’s going to do with his empty schedule.

On Tuesday, Herro sent a tweet to fitness model Katya Elise Henry asking her what she was up to. It didn’t take long for Henry to respond.

Henry is widely known across multiple social media networks. She has 386,000 followers on Twitter, 354,000 subscribers on YouTube and an eye-popping 7.1 million followers on Instagram.




Unsurprisingly, both Herro’s and Henry’s followers loved the interaction. They filled the comments section with a mixture of excitement and jealousy.

While it’s quite possible that both parties were serious about wanting to spend time with one another, it is probably best if they quarantine alone for the time being.

The novel coronavirus is known to be highly contagious, and many of the major cities across the United States have enacted strict quarantine rules to try to inhibit its spread.

That being said, if both Herro and Henry are sure they are healthy in the coming days or weeks, there’s nothing stopping them from making the most out of an unfortunate situation.

For that reason, Herro’s Instagram profile is surely something to keep an eye on in the coming days.

If he ends up getting a date with the famous fitness model, there’s no doubt he’ll want his friends and followers to know.

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