Dwyane Wade’s heavy sigh of relief after finally understanding GameStop, AMC chaos

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The stock market and its insane volatility over the last few days is all anyone can talk about on Thursday, with a lot of confused people wondering exactly what’s going on.

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is one of many that are confused.

As many have done during the last few days of mass confusion, Wade took to Twitter to find more information and better understand the bizarre situation. The three-time NBA champion was relieved to get a thorough explanation.

Wade is currently enjoying retirement after spending the majority of his NBA career with the Heat. He’s likely investing some of the money he earned on and off the floor during his basketball career in the stock market and was fearing the worst.

It remains to be seen how all of this will pan out, but much like how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered people’s lives, this situation in the stock market could forever change the way people invest their hard-earned money.

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