Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem Recall Time When They Nearly Threw Hands on Heat’s Bench

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Two of the most beloved players in Miami Heat history are Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem.

Together, the two legends helped the Heat win three NBA titles over the last two decades. They have also been foundational players when it comes to the formation of the vaunted Heat culture.

With that being said, there is bound to be conflict of some kind on every NBA roster.

Recently, Haslem and Wade looked back at an instance when the two almost came to blows on Miami’s bench.

“We got into it one time on the bench when we were about to throw some hands,” Wade said, remembering one specific incident.

Haslem continued the story, saying that their younger teammates had no idea how to handle the situation.

“Oh, yeah, that’s when we had them young boys,” he said. “Tyler Johnson and them thought they’d seen a ghost. They’d never seen us get into an argument.”

Wade then added that he and Haslem were truly ready to get into it.

“They’d never seen us like that,” he said. “We were like ready. That was the first time where I was, ‘We about to throw some hands right now.'”

Wade and Haslem battling it out is probably very similar to how brothers play rough with one another. The two played together for years, and at this point, are probably closer to family than they are to colleagues in terms of their relationship.

While it is unfortunate that the NBA has been forced into a stoppage due to the novel coronavirus, it has offered people an opportunity to look back on memories from the past.

Clearly, the story of a near fight on the bench between Haslem and Wade is something they both remember well.

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