Dwyane Wade sends LeBron James ultimate compliment in regards to Bronny’s development

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade paid tribute to close friend LeBron James for his efforts in developing James’ son, Bronny, into a standout basketball prospect.

Bronny James

Wade and James were close friends even before they came together with Chris Bosh to win four consecutive Eastern Conference titles and two NBA titles for the Heat from 2010 to 2014. That connection has also translated to the next generation, with the younger James and Wade’s son, Zaire, having developed a friendship.

The younger James’ basketball skills have been under a microscope for much of the past decade, given the exploits of his father, who also played under high expectations in high school.

Despite the elder James being away while playing NBA basketball for a good portion of his son’s basketball development, it’s clear that the younger James has received incalculable benefits from the advice and offseason coaching of his father.

The problems of navigating the high-pressure world of basketball recruiting have taken a toll on many talented young players. With the elder James able to offer his own experiences from two decades ago as a guide, his son has thus far been able to avoid the pitfalls that can occur in such situations.

The elder James has often been seen during his son’s offseason competitions expressing his enthusiasm for the younger James’ play. Even when not at games, the elder James has pointed out the similarities between them as well as passionately coaching the young James while watching on television.

While it may not happen, the possibility of the elder James and his son one day playing in the NBA at the same time remains a possibility. That prospect remains far in the future, but is something that can’t be dismissed right now.

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