Dwyane Wade Says Owning Miami Heat Still Long-Term Possibility

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade is currently building a diverse portfolio of business ventures in his post-NBA career.

While he doesn’t have plans of returning to the NBA as an owner in the near future, he recently admitted that becoming part of the Heat’s ownership somewhere down the line is a real possibility.

Wade said as much when speaking on a TNT conference call regarding his impending debut as the channel’s new star studio analyst.

“When it comes to talking to the Arisons about ownership, we’ve definitely sat down and talked about what I wanted to do when the game was over with,” Wade said.

“That is a conversation that will continue to be ongoing. Right now, as you guys know, my family and I moved to Los Angeles and I’m really involved in so many other areas of my life and I want to get that going. Basketball will be there. My ties to Miami will never go anywhere. When the opportunity makes sense and it’s right, then we will definitely sit down and have an even more in-depth conversation.”

Current Heat owner Micky Arison has owned the team since 1995. In that time, he has taken the team from a fairly forgettable franchise to one of the league’s defining organizations.

Wade, of course, has had a major role in that ascent. During his time in Miami, he helped lead the Heat to three NBA titles.

For now, Wade seems more than happy to explore business opportunities outside of basketball.

That being said, there certainly seems to be a very real interest in one day returning to the organization that drafted him in a more active and official role.

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