Dwyane Wade’s hilarious 3-word roast of current generation doing ‘Milk Crate Challenge’

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Retired Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade offered agreement with former teammate Caron Butler, who ridiculed the current fad known as the “Milk Crate Challenge.”

The challenge involves attempting to build a pyramid of milk crates and then trying to walk on top of them from one side to the other.

One of the chief problems that’s come about since this fad emerged is the potential danger involved with the people attempting this challenge.

The possibility of those individuals getting hurt and needing a trip to the emergency ward of a local hospital comes at a time when a surge of COVID-19 cases continues to fuel the ongoing pandemic.

Butler’s attempt to show what value could come by using milk crates in a positive way connected with Wade, who grew up under difficult circumstances in his native Chicago.

Fads only last for a short period of time, with Wade and Butler surely hoping that the end of this one comes sooner rather than later.

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