Dwyane Wade Reveals the One Photo He’s Going to Ask LeBron James to Autograph

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For Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, four-time MVP LeBron James is more of a friend than a superstar. The two spent years playing alongside one another both in Miami and in Cleveland, and their relationship goes far beyond the court.

Still, in a recent interview with House of Highlight’s founder Omar Raja, Wade admitted that there is one piece of memorabilia that Wade is going to need to have James sign.

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“The photographer that got this photo was like, ‘He got it at the perfect time,'” Wade said before Raja asked if he had the picture hanging in his house. “No I don’t yet, but so this is the one that I told ‘Bron, ‘When I retire this is the only thing I want him to sign for me.’ I’m gonna pull up on his house in L.A. and I’m going to pull it out the car and say, ‘Sign this, bro.'”

It’s not shocking that this image is just as meaningful for Wade as it is for so many fans of the Heat and NBA. By now, the image itself is nearly 10 years old, with the game taking place all the way back on Dec. 6, 2010. Since then, it has become a representation of James’ and Wade’s dominance during the Big 3 era.

Now, with Wade’s NBA career officially in the books, he’ll have a lot of time to look back at the highlights of his career. There seems to be no better way to do that than to have his close friend and former teammate sign the image that in many ways, represents the partnership they shared on the court.
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