Dwyane Wade reacts to Kevin Durant investing in company that grew from $1.6 billion to $100 billion

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NBA stars in this day and age do just as much business off of the court as they do on it.

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has a massive investment portfolio, and one of those investments looks like it’s going to yield an incredible return.

The investment in question is in the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

When Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade caught wind of Durant’s wise financial decision, he couldn’t help but react with enthusiasm.

Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade

After Coinbase went public, it quickly started to dip in value in the stock market. Still, it is likely to still be worth well over $300 per share by the end of trading on Thursday.

As for Durant, he’ll surely maintain his position in Coinbase, as the excitement surrounding cryptocurrency continues to grow.

While Wade has undoubtedly done incredibly well in his career off and on the court on his own, he might be going to Durant for some financial advice after this mind-blowing score.

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