Dwyane Wade promotes powerful message on why LeBron James deserves more respect

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Following LeBron James’ fourth title win, the former Miami Heat superstar claimed that he wanted his “damn respect.”

While some may wonder how the biggest star in the entire NBA could possibly want more respect than he has already earned, sports pundit Israel Gutierrez issued a powerful message supporting James’ request.

That message was promoted by none other than James’ former teammate and Heat icon Dwyane Wade.

“Whether or not you like him asking for it,” Gutierrez said. “LeBron deserves everyone’s respect.”

James joined Wade and the Heat in 2010. What followed was an era-defining run in which the Heat advanced to four straight NBA finals and won two titles along the way.

Since then, James has won two additional titles, one with the Cleveland Cavaliers and now one with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Coincidentally, it was the Heat whom James defeated to win his fourth title. James and the Lakers defeated a shorthanded Heat squad in a six-game series.

Surely, Wade was a bit conflicted while watching the series. Though he is a member of the Heat family for life, it was surely also special to watch his dear friend prove all of his doubters wrong and reach the pinnacle of the NBA once again.

While James may never earn everyone’s respect, he surely has Wade’s.

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