Dwyane Wade heartbroken over tragic shooting at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs

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Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade caught wind of Saturday night’s tragic shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colo. and expressed heartbreak over the news.

Dwyane Wade

Saturday night marked a tragic event for the community after a gunman entered the nightclub and opened fire immediately. At least five people were reportedly killed and over two dozen were reportedly injured.

What happened at Colorado Springs?

The nightclub has described the shooting as a “hate attack,” while investigators are still piecing out the details of the crime.

Some of the facts that have been established are the identity of the suspected gunman and the weapons he brought to the scene. He reportedly used a long rifle in the shooting, and two more firearms were found at the scene of the crime.

The shooting reportedly lasted for just a few minutes as some patrons were able to confront and fight the suspect to prevent the violence from escalating further.

Police arrived a few minutes after being alerted of the shooting. The suspect was detained and is being treated at a hospital.

Initially, authorities said that the number of people injured was 18, but the count was later adjusted to 25. Not all of the injuries came from gunshot wounds, but several people are in critical condition with gunshot wounds.

How the Colorado Springs shooting affects Dwyane Wade

Considering that the attack seemed to target LGBTQ folks, Wade is understandably affected, given that he has a child who is a part of the community. The retired NBA player has been vocal about his support for his daughter Zaya, who came out as transgender.

Ever since the younger Wade came out, the Wade family has been on the receiving end of some transphobic criticisms. Even so, the elder Wade has never wavered in defending his child.

More details on the Colorado shooting will likely emerge in the near future. It’s a tragedy that countless people around the country and world are truly heartbroken over.

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