Dwyane Wade gets introspective on Father’s Day: ‘I’m one of the lucky ones who grew up with a father’

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Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade made sure to recognize the efforts of his own father by offering his Father’s Day appreciation for the sacrifices the elder Wade has made.

Dwyane Wade Sr.

Dwyane Wade Father's Day

Dwyane Wade Sr. played a key role in helping his son grow up in difficult circumstances. The younger Wade’s parents divorced when he was very young and his mother’s substance abuse resulted in his eventually moving in with his father.

The younger Wade doesn’t specify exactly what sacrifices his father was forced to make, but they clearly helped put him on a path for future success.

After making a huge impact while playing collegiately at Marquette University, the younger Wade ended up being drafted by the Heat with the fifth overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft.

That selection of the younger Wade began what became an iconic period in the franchise’s history in which he was a key part of all three of the team’s NBA title teams.

All along the way, the elder Wade showed support for his son and undoubtedly continued to offer him invaluable advice on how to manage his life.

The younger Wade went through a painful divorce of his own during the course of his career and passionately fought for custody of his children. Since then, he and actress Gabrielle Union have welcomed another child into their marriage.

Raising children can be a difficult process at times. In the younger Wade’s case, he’s making a bold effort to help his transgender daughter Zaya adapt to her changing life.

Those efforts are bolstered by the example the younger Wade’s own father set for him and help explain the reverence he shows in his message.

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