Dwyane Wade Clowns Kim Kardashian’s Fashion Choice via Social Media

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Social media starlet Kim Kardashian recently took a serious fashion risk, and fans and detractors alike are having a bit of fun at her expense.

On Wednesday, Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade joined in on the fun when Kardashian’s baggy outfit was compared to the outfits Wade and his fellow 2003 NBA Draft alum wore on the night they were selected by NBA teams.

Dwyane Wade and Kim Kardashian

The picture is certainly a great example of internet ingenuity as Kardashian’s outfit seems to fit perfectly alongside the likes of Wade, Carmelo Anthony and former Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh.

Luckily for Wade, his sense of clothing has improved dramatically in the last decade and a half.

As for Kardashian, it will be interesting to see if she is able to bring the big suit fad back to the world of fashion. Considering the way social media reacted to her choice of outfit, it seems somewhat unlikely.

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