Dwyane Wade Has Amazing Response for High Schooler Talking Trash About Zaire Wade’s Team

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Dwyane Wade has every right as a father to be protective of his children, but the former Miami Heat star recently responded with class to a trash-talking high schooler.

In his Instagram story, Wade shared a quote from top prospect Dior Johnson, who talked trash about Zaire Wade’s high school, Sierra Canyon School.

Rather than scold the young man, the elder Wade acknowledged that respect has to be earned and not given.

Zaire Wade and Dwyane Wade

The younger Wade’s high school boasts perhaps the best lineup in the country. NBA superstar LeBron James’ son, LeBron James Jr., is one of his teammates. More importantly, the team has five-star basketball recruits on its roster such as Brandon Boston Jr. and Ziaire Williams.

Both players belong to the class of 2020 with Boston ranked by 247Sports.com as the No. 2 shooting guard and No. 10 ranked prospect in the country, while Williams is the nation’s No. 7 best prospect.

Other top players on the team are Terren Frank, Amari Bailey and Harold Yu.

With a team brimming with talent, it’s no wonder that many are raving about this Sierra Canyon Trailblazers team.

Johnson, however, isn’t one of them. 

Being one of the most competitive players to ever play the game, the 37-year-old Heat legend understands that his son and the team he plays for need to earn the right to be respected. 

Perhaps putting himself in Johnson’s shoes, the elder Wade could have said the same thing when faced off against a stacked squad no matter the level of competition.

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