Dwight Howard on his feud with Udonis Haslem: ‘He hates the fact that when I play, I play a little physical’

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Los Angeles Lakers big man Dwight Howard and Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem share some history.

During a game in the 2020-21 season, Howard threw Haslem to the ground while getting ready to grab a potential rebound. Shortly after, the two players got into a dispute, and things nearly got physical.

Howard recently spoke with Tyler R. Tynes of GQ and offered some insight into his beef with Haslem.

“That happens, though,” Howard said regarding the feuds he’s had with various players throughout his career. “Things happen. You get upset. We’re men, you’re gonna get upset and have issues sometimes. That doesn’t mean that’s who we are as people. Of course Udonis gets mad: He hates the fact that when I play, I play a little physical. I might throw people on the ground going for rebounds, I might push somebody. That’s just how I play. If you take that personal, that’s on you.”

It seems like Howard might still be annoyed with how Haslem handled the incident.

Howard and Haslem have both been in the NBA for a very long time. Howard made his debut in the 2004-05 season, and Haslem made his debut in the 2003-04 campaign. Both players have left major marks on the game.

Howard’s Lakers and Haslem’s Heat are hoping to challenge for the NBA title this season. The idea of the Lakers and Heat meeting in the 2022 NBA Finals doesn’t seem too crazy, but there are several other teams in the mix as well.

Time will tell if either player ends up adding another ring to his collection.

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