Danny Green on Chris Bosh’s iconic rebound and Miami Heat’s comeback in 2013 NBA Finals: ‘That’ll never leave me’

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Without question, one of the greatest moments in Miami Heat history took place in the final seconds of regulation in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals.

With the series hanging in the balance, Chris Bosh was able to get an incredibly clutch rebound and pass the ball over to Ray Allen so that the sharpshooter could tie the game, 95-95, with just over five seconds remaining.

During a recent podcast appearance, Danny Green, who was a valuable player for the San Antonio Spurs at the time, admitted that the moment still haunts him in a very real way.

“Can you see the rebound…that ends up going to Chris Bosh and then going to Ray Allen?” Green was asked. “Can you close your eyes and see that?”

Green then recounted the moment from his own point of view.

“I saw it for half a second,” he said of the rebound. “So, that whole play, that whole series of events, that’ll never leave me because it was pretty much engraved. Mind you, we lost, and if we would have won, that could have been a different story for me. But because the way we lost, it’ll never leave me.”

It’s a fascinating perspective and one that many Heat fans surely have not thought so much about.

That sequence allowed the Heat to push Game 6 to overtime. They won that contest in the extra period and then managed to win Game 7 to pull off the championship repeat.

Though Green clearly has not let that championship loss go, he’s been fortunate enough to enjoy the kind of career that most basketball players dream of. He’s won three titles in his career. One came with the Spurs, one came with the Toronto Raptors and one came with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Of course, in his most recent title win, it was the Heat who were on the losing side of the series back in 2020.

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