Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler issue warnings regarding Heat big man’s aggressiveness on offense this season

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Now that it’s essentially guaranteed that the Miami Heat won’t be adding any major talent to the roster prior to the start of the 2022-23 NBA season, it is clear that the stars already on the roster are going to have to take their games to the next level if the Heat want to win a title.

During Monday’s media day, Jimmy Butler talked about what he believes teammate Bam Adebayo will have to do this season to improve. His simple answer came down to Adebayo being more aggressive.

Adebayo is a one-time All-Star with all the talent in the world, but there were times last season where he seemed to wilt on the court. In fact, an increase in aggressiveness is not something only Butler wants. Fans have been clamoring for a more aggressive Adebayo for quite some time.

Over the summer, Adebayo flashed some increased aggressiveness in the Miami Pro League. Though he was playing against a far lower class of defenders in pro-am games, his aggressive style of play was noticeable.

If he can bring some of that to the court for the Heat this season, the team will definitely benefit.

Ultimately, Butler and Heat fans aren’t saying anything that Adebayo himself is not aware of. Adebayo also spoke on the need for him to be more aggressive for the Heat on Monday, and he added that he’s going to try to record 18 shots per game.

That would be a pretty big jump for the big man, as he’s never averaged more than 13 shots per game in a season.

Adebayo also added that he believes the Heat are “a lot better” when he is scoring.

The message may sound a bit self-inflating, but it is far from that. Adebayo is simply speaking on his ability to really challenge defenders when he is locked in on offense.

Adebayo getting buckets in games makes life easier for Butler and the team’s talented guards. It frees everyone else up and makes the Heat more dynamic and dangerous night in and night out.

Hopefully, the University of Kentucky product can start the season off on an aggressive foot and maintain that pace for the entire year. If he can do that, the Heat will be a very dangerous team.

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